CCF-40 Concrete Crack Filler

Fast Hardening Concrete Crack Filler
  • Permanently closes cracks in subfloors
  • Install metal anchor in concrete
  • Repair concrete or stone stairs

DJF-60 Dynamic Joint Filler

Permanently Flexible Joint Filler
  • Fill dynamic (moving) joints between slabs
  • Remains permanently flexible
  • Quick setting; Cures within 1 hour

AQP-200 Eco-Prime

Acrylic Concrete Primer
  • Certified "Green"
  • Contains zero solvents or VOC
  • Use prior to water-based or moisture-cured adhesives
  • Use prior to cementitious or gypsum-based leveling compounds

SLC-540 Self Leveling Compound

High-Strength Self-Leveling Compound
  • Levels up to 2" thick with no additive
  • Levels up to 5" thick (with silica sand)
  • Forms flat and even surface
  • To be used under any flooring

QFF-560 Quick Feather Float

High-Strength Trowelable Feather Patch
  • Allows for flooring installation after 1 hour
  • Levels up to 1" thick
  • Very easy to spread
  • Can be used over cutback adhesive
  • To be used under any flooring

ULC-500 LevelSeal

Two-Component Self-Leveling Compound
  • Will withstand any moisture
  • Moisture barrier up to 18# or 97% RH
  • Can be applied in any thickness over 1/32"
  • Cures in under 4 hours

EHS-265 Hydro-Seal

Water-Based Epoxy Primer (Two-Component Pail)
  • For use under ULC-500 and coatings
  • Superb penetration of subfloors
  • Increases bond of subsequent products

ECP-280 Isolator

Oil Barrier Over Concrete
  • Encapsulates oil residues in concrete
  • Can be used under any urethane levelers and adhesives
  • Can be used under epoxy and urethane coatings

ECB-290 Epoxy Floor Patch

Two component waterproof Floor Patch

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