STAUF USA Releases D737 ESD - Static Dissipative Adhesive

< p>Arlington, Tennessee - December 10, 2015


The introductions continue at STAUF USA as D737 ESD is released. STAUF D737 ESD is a highly specialized flooring adhesive that can be used for all static dissipative flooring. “The product has been around for over 30 years, but we are now bringing it stateside;” says President and CEO of STAUF USA, Wolfgang Stauf.

Key features include a great green tack, high final shear and tensile strengths and a very long open time. STAUF D737 ESD is a non-hazardous, green adhesive that is eligible for LEED points. It has a very low electric resistance of less than 3 x 10^5 Ohm.

D737 ESD installation methods can vary from a traditional wet lay method, a mid level tacky, and even a drier pressure sensitive type of installation. It can even be applied directly over a wide variety of moisture sealers including 2 part epoxy based sealers.

The adhesive is appropriate for any installation the installer may encounter, and would be most effective for environments such as laboratories, medical offices, hospitals, server rooms, or in any situation where there is electronically sensitive equipment.

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