STAUF Introduces PUK-455 Wide Plank Adhesive

Arlington, Tennessee - August 19, 2015


For the longest time, installers in North America would not consider gluing down solid planks, even though it was a widely accepted practice in Europe. STAUF had already brought specialty adhesives into the US to serve the customers of European Wide Plank Flooring manufacturers. Just recently, more and more US based manufacturers have begun to produce wide solid planks and are now searching for an appropriate adhesive to secure those boards to the floor since nailing alone is not sufficient. So, STAUF is introducing a new adhesive to their lineup: STAUF PUK-455, the only adhesive developed specifically for the installation of solid planks without limitations on width, length or thickness over any suitable sub floor.

PUK-455’s single component property makes it a breeze to install. While single component urethane adhesives are formulated with great shear strengths for most typical installations, PUK-455 has a shear strength of over 680 psi. With shear strength this high, it is able to stabilize and help control common cupping problems associated with wide width solid flooring.

When your next job calls for wide plank flooring to stay put, make it stay with Wide Plank Adhesive (WPA) PUK-455. Stick with what works!

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