Non-Etching Urethane

Stauf Introduces Non-Etching Urethane Adhesive at Surfaces

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MEMPHIS, Tennessee, January 15, 2010- Stauf Adhesives, a world leader in adhesive research, development, and technology, will introduce a new urethane-based wood floor adhesive at Surfaces, 2010, that the company says will not etch the finish of the floor.
 “Etching the floor finish has been a problem for urethane adhesives since day one,” states Wolfgang Stauf, President, and sixth generation owner of the 180 year old, family-owned company. “Installers have an impossible task keeping adhesive off the face of the flooring. When they don’t, traditional urethane adhesives are nearly impossible to remove, especially when dried. Isocyanates in the adhesive etch the finish, leaving marks that cannot be removed. The installer often has no choice but to replace the board. It’s a frustrating and costly complaint that leaves no one happy!”
Stauf’s R&D Team has been working on a solution to this industry problem for over three years. Their new PUM-950 Power-Mastic urethane adhesive features a new formula that eliminates harmful isocyanates and still has twice the shear strength of the strongest competitor.
In addition, PUM-950 is easier to clean (Acetone or Mineral Spirits, wet or dry, young or old), is easier to spread than the existing quality urethane adhesives, and is a completely “Green” product.
“Our lab made sure we met the strictest European standards for indoor air quality, VOC content, and health issues. We received the highest possible rating from the GEV, its EMICODE EC 1 ranking. This ranking meets or exceeds all U.S. environmental requirements and allows specifiers and architects to submit for LEED points. “  
Similar to existing urethane adhesives, Mr. Stauf said the new Stauf PUM-950 will permanently adhere to virtually any sub floor, can be used with any width or thickness of Engineered or Solid wood flooring, and is waterproof when cured. It ships in a 3 gallon pail that provides coverage up to 250 SF per pail using Stauf’s #14 trowel.
“Our company is proud of the leadership and innovation we have provided the industry over the decades,” said Mr. Stauf. “We invented dispersion-based adhesives in the 1950’s. When solvent base adhesives were banned by the EPA, we were the only manufacturer to successfully switch to an alcohol base, allowing installers to keep all the great features of solvent adhesives. We led the industry into the polymer based adhesives with our SMP-940 and followed that with our SMP-960 One-Step, the only polymer adhesive on the market that combines sound and moisture abatement with an adhesive in one application.”
Stauf is certain their new PUM-950 Power-Mastic will continue this string of successful innovation aimed at solving industry and installer challenges. For more information, contact your local Stauf dealer or distributor, or call 866-GLUE USA. You can read about the new PUM-950 Power-Mastic here.


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