STAUF Adhesives - Nothing but "Green"

Memphis, March 2010

STAUF Adhesives, USA, a division of the 180 year old German chemical company, is a founding member of the European Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation (GEV). The GEV developed a product classification system named EMICODE which is a simple, reliable guideline for the emission behavior of building products necessary to protect consumers and the environment.
Today EMICODE ratings have become the standard throughout the environmentally demanding European business community. Flooring installation products earning the coveted “EMICODE EC 1” rating offer the greatest possible safety standards for indoor air pollution for both installers and homeowners. And the EMICODE standards have been found to be equal or better than any other current “green” ranking system used in the U.S.
Wolfgang Stauf, President and owner of STAUF USA, notes that “The GEV is the only “green” licensing organization I am aware of that mandates random, secret testing of the products it classifies. This means one can always be assured of the accuracy and quality of any GEV products’ and their “green” rating. There is no changing of formulas after testing and getting away with it!”
Stauf noted that all but one of the wood floor adhesive products STAUF USA offers have been awarded the EMICODE EC 1 rating. Those products include:
• M2A-900 Eco-Mastic, a water-based, quick-grab, least costly adhesive
• SMP-940 Superior, a polymer-based, moisture-cured, isocyanate-free adhesive
• PUM-950 Power-Mastic, the only urethane-based adhesive on the market without any isocyanates to etch the finish and therefore offering easy clean-up
• SMP-960 One-Step, a polymer-based adhesive that combines a sound and moisture barrier in one easy application
• ACS-210 True-Seal is a water-based moisture sealer that works with any type wood floor Adhesive, as well as
sheet vinyl, VCT and LVT adhesives, and dries in less than two hours
“STAUF is proud of our long commitment to environmentally safe products” said Mr. Stauf. “Everything we develop has to meet those requirements first.”


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