IBOLA® Sports Flooring Adhesives - by STAUF®


R721 Turf-Link 2 Part

Adhesive for Synthetic Turf Installation
  • suitable for outdoor installations
  • no VOC or solvents, achieves LEED points
  • installs in light rain or extreme heat
  • no shipping restrictions
  • resistant to most cleaners and chemicals after curing
  • lifetime warranty

B350 PU Binder (Base)

PU Binder for Base Layers
  • create base layers for running tracks
  • create shock pads for turf or tennis courts
  • fast setting
  • solvent free

B360 PU Binder (Surface)

PU Binder for Surfaces
  • create elastic surfaces for playgrounds and walkways
  • fast setting
  • solvent free

C145 Seaming Tape

Seaming Tape for Synthetic Turf Installation
  • One sided tape
  • FIFA approved
  • weather resistant

XGB1 Glue Box for Seaming Tape

Glue Box for applying adhesive to Seaming Tape

R701 Xtrem-Link

Adhesive for Resilient & Sport Flooring Installation
  • permanently waterproof
  • can be used indoor and outdoor
  • very high shear and tensile strength
  • achieves LEED points
  • no VOC or solvents

M400 Endura-Tac

Quick Setting Repair & Mounting Adhesive
  • Wood Flooring Repairs
  • Repairs of Synthetic Turf Seams
  • Molding Installation
  • Cove Base Installation
  • Stair Tread Installation

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