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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

DJF-60 Dynamic Joint Filler

Permanently Flexible Joint Filler

Special features

  • Fill Dynamic (moving) Joints between Slabs
  • Remains permanently flexible
  • quick setting, cures within 1 hour

Product Description
DJF-60 is a pre measured 2 component filler used for filling of dynamic or moving joints in concrete substrate. Ideal for filling joints of any width. Suitable for use with ERP 270 as a filler for joints where two slabs meet. Easy mixing and fast curing make it extremely easy to use. May be used in pre measured containers as an entire mix or may be mixed in partials for amount needed.
Pre-Installation Checklist
A successful installation requires proper preparation of the sub floor. Read and understand all applicable guidelines and technical data sheets before installation. Follow industry standards and flooring manufacturer's recommendations for sub floor moisture content, design, layout and application of flooring materials. All slab constructions must meet the specific requirements of the floor covering to be installed.
Sub Floor Examination
Prior to installation, the sub floor must be checked according to applicable installation guidelines. It must be solid and sound, permanently dry, clean, free of chaps and anti-adherents, as well as resistant to pressure and tension. Moisture content of all floors must be measured before installation.
Sub Floor Preparation
The condition of the sub floor will determine which type of mechanical treatment is required (e.g. wire brushing, sanding, grinding or shot blasting). Dust, paint, curing compounds, sealers, residual adhesives or other surface pollutants MUST be removed by suitable means. Extent of sub floor preparation can only be determined at the site by the installer. Clean the surface with an industrial vacuum cleaner, tack or damp mop floor before application. Do not use sweeping compounds as most will contain oil or wax which will act as an anti-adherent and prevent primers, sealers, leveling compounds, coatings and/or adhesives from bonding to the concrete. Cracks and gaps must be treated prior to application of primers, sealers, leveling compounds, coatings and/or adhesives (for details see Technical Information #19 @
Mixing of Components
Pour all of the curing agent from the small bottle into the large container. Close cap and shake for 60 seconds. Partial containers can be mixed in a separate container, mix partial crack filler with appropriate partial amount of curing agent and shake or stir for 60 seconds.
Installation Procedure
For dynamic joints over 1/2" deep insert backer rod into crack and counter sink at least 1/2" below primary surface. Pour the dynamic joint filler into the crack immediately after mixing and smooth out surface with a flat trowel.
When using other than STAUF products in conjunction with STAUF primers, sealers, leveling compounds, or adhesives, STAUF denies any and all responsibility for any ensuing problems and/or damages without prior written authorization from STAUF.
In case of accident, injury, spill or exposure, see SDS sheet for information. Consult technical data sheet at for updated information.
The filler will maintain its integrity and performance even when high levels of moisture or water are present. Please see below for recommended sealers if a moisture barrier is required.
The foregoing representations are based on the results of our most current product and material testing within a controlled environment and are of a non-obligatory advisory nature only. As such, they do not constitute an express or implied warranty of any kind including the Warranty of Merchantability and/or Fitness for a Particular Purpose. Because we have no control over the actual quality of workmanship, materials used and worksite conditions, STAUF USA, LLC. will in no event be liable for any incidental and/or consequential damages. herefore, we strongly recommend that prior on-site testing be conducted to refer to and study the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. With the release of this technical information sheet all its prior versions become invalid. For warranty and warranty disclaimer information please see our Limited Lifetime Warranty @
General Features
  • LEED qualified
  • works under any type of flooring
  • contains no isocyanates
  • high shear strength
  • contains no solvents
  • nonflammable
  • high solids content
  • Freeze/thaw stable
  • works under any STAUF adhesive
  • bridges cracks
Installation Features
  • very low odor
  • dries quickly
  • higher temp will shorten drying time
  • observe pot life during installation
  • No risk of sensitization
Long Term Features
  • resistant against aging
  • remains elastic
  • suitable for radiant heat systems
Approved Sub Floors
  • Concrete Slabs
  • OSB (underlayment grade)
  • Plywood (underlayment grade)
  • Asphalt
  • Wet Concrete Slab up to 25#/24hrs/1,000SF and 100% RH
Spread Rate
  • 1/2" x 1/2": up to 77 LF/gal
Curing Time before Flooring Installation
  • approx. 1 hour
Temperature Range during Installation
  • 50-90F
Relative Humidity Range during Installation
  • 20% - 90%
Packaging Size
  • 1 qrt. Refill - 6 count case
  • 1 gal. Refill - 6 count case
  • Yellow
Color Hardener
  • clear
Mixing ratio
  • one bottle curing agent to one container of filler
  • dry
Shelf Life
  • 6 Months in original, unopened container
Pot Life
  • approx. 20 min @ 70F (21C)
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