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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

B350 PU Binder (Base)

PU Binder for Base Layers

Special features

  • create base layers for running tracks
  • create shock pads for turf or tennis courts
  • fast setting
  • solvent free

Product Description
B350 is a one component, solvent free moisture cured urethane binder for mixing with rubber granulates to create base layers for running tracks, tennis courts and shock pads.
Pre-Installation Checklist
A successful installation requires proper preparation of the sub floor. Read and understand all applicable guidelines and technical data sheets before beginning installation. Follow industry standards and flooring manufacturer's recommendations for sub floor preparation, design, layout and application of flooring materials.
Sub Floor Examination
Prior to installation, the sub floor must be checked according to national standards. It must be solid and sound, level, free of indentations as well as resistant to pressure and tension.
Mixing of Components
For creating top layers, use 18-22% binder, for base layers, use 15-18% binder. The correct mixing ration depends on the actual application, dust content and particle size of the rubber being used.
Installation Procedure
Mix binder and rubber in a mechanical mixer, then spread on ground.
When using other than STAUF products in conjunction with STAUF primers, sealers, leveling compounds, or adhesives, STAUF denies any and all responsibility for any ensuing problems and/or damages without prior written authorization from STAUF.
Do not install during rain.
In case of accident, injury, spill or exposure, see SDS sheet for information. Consult technical data sheet at for updated information.
The foregoing representations are based on the results of our most current product and material testing within a controlled environment and are of a non-obligatory advisory nature only. As such, they do not constitute an express or implied warranty of any kind including the Warranty of Merchantability and/or Fitness for a Particular Purpose. Because we have no control over the actual quality of workmanship, materials used and worksite conditions, STAUF USA, LLC. will in no event be liable for any incidental and/or consequential damages. herefore, we strongly recommend that prior on-site testing be conducted to refer to and study the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. With the release of this technical information sheet all its prior versions become invalid. For warranty and warranty disclaimer information please see our Limited Lifetime Warranty @
General Features
  • nonflammable
  • high solids content
  • high strength moisture cured urethane
Installation Features
  • cleans with acetone
Long Term Features
  • resistant against aging
  • remains elastic
Approved Sub Floors
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Asphalt
Approved Primers
  • STAUF AQP-200 Eco-Prime
Cure Time until Normal Traffic
  • between 12 and 18 hours, completely hardened after 7 days
  • Use acetone while wet
Temperature Range during Installation
  • 50-90F
Relative Humidity Range during Installation
  • 30% - 80%
Packaging Size
  • 264 gal. Tote
  • Beige
  • dry
Shelf Life
  • 6 Months in original, unopened container
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